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Treating burns when cooking in the kitchen

Cooking can be a dangerous (and painful!) business as anyone who has suffered a burn whilst in the kitchen can attest.

Fortunately for such kitchen first aid needs and to treat other burns and scalds, there’s Burnaid. With Burnaid’s range of products you can throw away the worry about correctly managing burns. Available as a gel or dressing, Burnaid offers immediate pain relief and cools the burn to help minimise tissue damage and aid the healing process.

BURNAID BURN DRESSINGS are also available as first aid emergency burn dressing. Available in a range of sizes they are designed to assist burn injuries on the hands, face and torso. These gel‐ impregnated first aid emergency burn dressings are used by ambulance services, hospital emergency departments, medical clinics and workplaces and supplied in first aid kits as a first‐response treatment for burns (excluding chemical burns and cold injury burns).

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How to treat a burn?